Trainee excursion October 2022

From Tanoshii Funpark to the Gonzen mine.

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On October 14, 2022 at 10:30 a.m., the apprentices gathered together with the vocational trainer on the company premises and made their way to the Tanoshii Funpark. Once there, they found a variety of fun activities in a 4,000m2 hall. Playing soccer and basketball with the trainer was just the start of a fun-filled morning. After eating pizza together, they tried the Ninja Warriors Parkour and climbed the wall. After that they went on to Sargans, to the mine.

After arriving at the Gonzen mine, they watched an interesting film and learned about the history of the mine. Afterwards, equipped with a mining helmet, they rode the mine train 2 kilometers into the Gonzen mountain. The first part of the tour was in the illuminated tunnels where the iron ore was once mined. But to discover the really interesting places of the mine, they left the caves illuminated by lamps and went deeper and deeper into the mountain. Only the light on their helmets allowed them to see anything at all. After a few stairs and narrow corridors, they finally arrived in the tunnel, lit by hundreds of candles, where dinner was already waiting for them. They spent the rest of the day comfortably enjoying a raclette.