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Your system partner for innovation & product development, engineering, industrialization, supply chain management, CNC precision manufacturing, assembly, MACOR ® and additive production – August Manser AG

August Manser AG is a modern, Swiss, family-owned company located in the St. Gallen Rhine valley. We provide our customers with comprehensive, bespoke technical solutions, acting as a one-stop shop for everything from innovation & product development to industrialization, precision manufacturing and the assembly of mechanical modules, systems and services. We are the perfect partner for bringing your ideas and visions to life.   

Manser movies
50 years of August Manser AG - Family Day
19. September 2022
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Machinery-Invest Mikron Mill P 800UD incl. robot handling system
13. September 2022
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Correctly interpret and implement customer requirements
12. September 2022
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