Machine- Invest Mikron Mill P 800UD incl. robot handling system

Two new CNC 5-axis simultaneous milling machines Mikron Mill P 800UD were put into operation.

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We invest for our customers.

A few weeks ago the robot arrived, and now the two new Mikron Mill P 800UD CNC 5-axis simultaneous milling machines with fully automatic robot handling system have been delivered. The machines enable precise milling both for individual parts and for fast, high-performance series production.

Through the fully automatic robot handling system, we produce high precision parts 24h/7.

Main features Mikron Mill P 800UD:

  • ITC intelligent temperature control
  • Machines and spindle protection MSP
  • Operator support system OSS
  • Workpiece size up to Ø 860mm up to 800 kg
  • Automation system with robot handling for 24 hour operation
  • Tool changer
  • Highest accuracy in space
  • Eco mode to protect the environment
  • Axis acceleration of 1.7g in space
  • Maximum accessibility and clarity