Laser marking machine commissioned

Our markings are precise, fast and permanent

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Thanks to our new laser marking machine, we can mark components as requested by the customer using the latest laser marking technology.

  • Fully encapsulated system with Class-1 protective laser cover
  • Extremely fast, high-precision laser for permanent marking
  • Can be used to mark workpieces of up to (W x H x D) 1000 x 400 x 500 mm
  • Ca be used to mark almost any conventional material (aluminum alloys, INOX, nickel alloys, various plastics, etc.)
  • Maximum marking size: 290 x 290 mm Central X-axis can be extended by 650 mm, and Y-axis by 375 mm
  • Rotary axis for machining rotating workpieces For diameters of up to 150 mm
  • Can be used for serial component numbering and marking with linear barcodes and matrix codes
  • Automated position sensing provides a high level of process reliability
  • Can be used to mark large batch sizes or heavy individual parts thanks to the large work area and maneuverable laser