We would like to wish a warm welcome to our new trainee, Florian Kuci.

We hope you have a great start – welcome to the team!

Congratulations to Lukas Müggler on successfully completing his traineeship.

All the best for the future! We are delighted to be able to keep you on our team as a qualified specialist.

Annual staff event, June 2018

Foosball tournament

InLack AG image brochure

Our subsidiary, InLack AG, will surface-finish your workpieces with a wet coating.

Macor® brochure

In our current brochure, we present you the high-performance material Macor® glass ceramic

Photoveel N® glass ceramics

Redesigned flyer - We work with high-performance material Photoveel N®

Redesigned image brochure

Our new image brochure is out – take a look and experience the world of MANSER production.

Kesselbach plant brochure

This brochure offers an insight into our Kesselbach plant. You can also read it to find out more about the highlights that make our Kesselbach plant so special.

Expanded range of services

August Manser AG and Sedax AG have come together to expand the range of services they offer.

Employee anniversaries 2018

August Manser AG honors its loyal employees