Quality management

Quality management

Swiss quality – Our focus for your success

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do – the key to our shared success. Our flawless understanding and implementation of our customers’ requirements is the foundation on which we manufacture our high-quality products.

Continuous improvement is a key component of our corporate culture, helping us to constantly optimize our processes and improve our performance on an ongoing basis. We draw up comprehensive process descriptions and work and assembly instructions in order to guarantee a consistently high standard of quality for our products.

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Quality assurance for maximum customer satisfaction

One of the key elements of our quality assurance structure is our Quality Class 1 measurement room, which is integrated into our climate-controlled production hall..

The room and the technological wonders it adds to our facility enable us to guarantee maximum process reliability. The climate in the room – including the temperature and humidity – are continuously monitored and documented, thus allowing us to trace all the conditions and changes therein.


Quality assurance for maximum customer satisfaction
ISO 9001 quality management

With our cutting-edge 3D coordinate measuring machines, we can measure and check complex geometrical shapes and dimensions with maximum precision. Our roughness measuring device also enables us to analyze the surface quality of your components in detail and ensure that they comply with your requirements. In addition to this, we possess a wide range of optical measuring equipment, projectors and microscopes that we can also use to examine microstructures and fine details. Thanks to these advanced measurement tools, we can guarantee comprehensive quality assurance and ensure that your products meet the highest of standards in terms of precision and accuracy.

Measuring room Quality Class1
DesignationPrecision measuring room
Typical measurement taskPrecision measurement
Setpoint temperatureStandard reference temp., e.g. 20°C
Permissible deviation limit+/-0,4 K
Temperature change over time (hour, day)0.2 K/h; 0.4 K/d
Differences in temperature within room0.2 K/m

Quality Class determined in accordance with extract from VDI/VDE 2627-1

SQS ISO 9001 certificate - August Manser AG

IQNet certificate - August Manser AG