Quality control

Quality control

Swiss-made quality – simply unmistakable

Thanks to our highly qualified staff, top-performance technical equipment and Quality Class 1 measurement area (standard: VDI/VDE 2627-1), we are able to guarantee the highest quality standards at all times. We also continuously monitor and record all the relevant data. For example, our permissible temperature deviations from the standard reference temperature are +/-0.4 K. The differences in temperature within the room are set to 0.2 K/m.

We plan quality products,
draw up comprehensive process descriptions,
produce work and assembly instructions for every product,
and guarantee the reliability of our processes. 

Maximum quality –
thanks to our
Quality Class 1 measuring room

The new Quality Class 1 measuring room is an integral element of our production hall. This essential component of our quality assurance process allows us to keep up with the ever-more-demanding standards expected by our customers.


The new room and the technological wonders it adds to our facility enable us to guarantee maximum process reliability. The climate in the room – including the temperature and humidity – are continuously monitored and documented, thus allowing us to trace all the conditions and changes therein.



Measuring room quality class1
DesignationPrecision measuringt room
Typical measurement taskPrecision measurements
Setpoint temperatureStandard reference temperature e.g. 20°C
Permissible deviation limit+/-0,4 K
Temperature change over time (hour, day)0.2 K/h bzw. 0.4 K/d
Differences in temperature within room0.2 K/m

Quality Class determined in accordance with extract from VDI/VDE 2627-1

SQS 9001 Zertifikat - August Manser AG