Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Your reliable partner for product development and manufacturing

Focused development and planning combined with a well-thought-out procurement concept and assembly lines customized for specific products – these are the essential components that allow us to optimize our resources and costs effectively.

We employ a range of different distribution techniques to allow us to fulfill your orders seamlessly, such as just in time, Kanban, planned requirements and series batches. Our aim is always to give our customers what they need – with a consistent focus on quality, honoring deadlines and optimizing costs. We also offer maximum flexibility for all your orders.


The MANSER supply chain – seamlessly bringing your ideas to life

We can be whatever you need us to be – a consultant, a technological partner, a product supplier, a project manager and a quality manager – and not just during implementation, but from the initial contact to the final farewell. Start your new project with us today!





Manser SCM

Maximum quality –
thanks to our
Quality Class 1 measuring room

The new Quality Class 1 measuring room is an integral element of our production hall. This essential component of our quality assurance process allows us to keep up with the ever-more-demanding standards expected by our customers.

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