Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Your reliable partner and system provider

We’re the perfect partner when you need system provider with a comprehensive solution and a reliable supply chain. For decades, we have specialized in supplying highly complex products and plants of our own creation with short lead times. This is only possible thanks to our focused development, careful planning and efficient process implementation. Our optimized and integrated procurement concept and our product-specific assembly lines play a key role in this.

We will tweak our supply chain management (SCM) structure to suit your needs. We employ a range of different approaches and concepts to allow us to fulfill your orders seamlessly at our production facilities, such as just in time, EDI, one-piece flow, Kanban, planned requirements and series batches. Our aim is always to give our customers what they need – with a consistent focus on quality, honoring deadlines and optimizing costs. We also offer maximum flexibility for all your orders.







The all-in-one solution for your individual requirements

We will build the supply chain to handle a range of sub-processes on your behalf, such as procurement, production, distribution and sales planning. Integrating all the conditions and effects of the supply chain into one’s work processes is the only way to achieve holistic results. This process includes bundling together suppliers, drawdown of inventories, process optimization, standardization, logistics and digitalization. We act as your one-stop shop for all these services and keep our eye on the big picture at all times – not just during implementation, but from the initial contact to the final farewell.


MANSER Supply-Chain-Management SCM

The MANSER SCM network

Our comprehensive domestic and international network is made up exclusively of proven, high-quality suppliers and partners. All our partners share and cultivate the same values that drive our own business model: trust, long-term thinking, sustainability, and ecologically harmonious action.