Let us bring your product vision to life!

The journey from an idea to a finished solution can only be conquered through creativity and a wide range of expertise.

Our sister company, Sedax AG, helps its customers to develop new products and processes. By combining strategy, engineering and design, we are able to create innovations for the future. Our team of more than 40 engineers and designers works hard to ensure our customers’ success.

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Mechanical engineering

The services we offer are based on years of experience in engineering and developing outstanding technical solutions.

We always adopt a cost-optimized approach to our design work, taking into account the optimum manufacturing techniques, equipment, test benches, production facilities and products.


Electronic engineering

We utilize our wide range of electronic engineering expertise and many years of experience to develop outstanding technical solutions that are tailored to our customers’ individual needs.

We adapt our development processes to suit the situation at hand (machines, etc.) in order to ensure that the end result is a complete and comprehensive system. This includes hardware and firmware development. Software for an industrial computer enhances the operation and input experience and provides a means of connecting to higher-level systems.

Throughout the process, we keep a careful eye on our development time and costs as compared to the product costs, taking both quantity and service life into account as well.

Project references


TTS3 Degonda

Sports wheelchair – undercarriage development and redesign of the chassis/casing. Teamwork by Sedax Design, Engineering, Technology.


Roboy AI LAB

A robot with a piercing gaze. His blue eyes will enchant everyone he meets. In the space of three months, Sedax designed and engineered Roboy’s head – including his facial expressions – to fill him with an emotive personality.


Legreader XT5 Sigvaris

Three-dimensional leg measurement using infrared depth sensors. Teamwork by Sedax Design, Engineering.