Innovation, product and solution development, product optimization

Innovation, product and solution development, product optimization

Solutions with a lasting “wow” factor

In order to manufacture top-class products for our customers, we consider it hugely important to combine expertise from a wide range of different disciplines in every project we tackle – starting with the very first meeting.

On assignments that involve innovation, product development, and product and production optimization, we work closely with our sister company, Sedax AG.

- Together, we create new opportunities, develop technological innovations, and bring our passion for optimization and industrialization to bear.

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Innovation and product development

Using approaches such as design thinking and lean startup, we will help you tailor your innovation project to your users’ needs, provide you with new outlooks and come up with tangible solutions to the problems of the future.

Our engineers and designers are creative minds with a constant back-and-forth rapport that enables them to make the most of the synergies between their respective areas of expertise. Our holistic, agile approach and close collaboration with our customers have proven to be crucial factors in our success when it comes to developing new products, UX/UI and services.

Production optimization

Our trained specialists will help you to optimize and redesign your products. Using our expertise in various methods and techniques, we will analyze the risks (FMEA), help you to identify areas where you can cut costs (value analysis) and thus boost the service life and reliability of your products to make them market-ready (finite element analysis). All this work is based on many years of experience in a wide range of engineering fields.

We are a fount of ideas for new materials, processes and manufacturing technologies that will add value to your products and reduce your costs.

We will assist with your design and manufacturing process, and produce and test functional samples and prototypes for you. Put simply, we will help you on every step along your path to series production.

Production optimization

We evaluate and optimize existing products and their associated production processes We will analyze your production processes using methods such as value-stream mapping, quality function development (QFD) and lean production techniques. In order to ensure the success of your product, we will focus on individuality, improvement, implementation, cost optimization, value creation at every level, and optimum process management. These methods and processes will enable you to maintain the drive for optimization throughout your entire product lifecycle.

Flexible technical support

Sedax offers you the opportunity to outsource entire work packages. Our qualified designers, engineers, technical writers, FEM simulation experts, and project leaders are always ready to contribute to the success of your project. You have access to the entire know-how and expertise of Sedax and can incorporate it into your project if required.

Project references

Production automation

A new, fully automatic, highly flexible removal station

The challenge

To keep various different types of lathe running independently for as long as possible (min. 48 h). A suitable raw material supply system has already been devised. The next step is to come up with a way of automatically removing the various lathed parts from the machines without lengthening the cycle time. The retooling time needs to be quick and easy, and the parts required for the control measurements need to be filtered out accordingly.

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Wellness device

Mera Q5 – Wellness product and networked service.

MERA Q5 is a new, networked wellness device connected to a digital service. With the aid of special web-based software, this enables users to document the change history of a person’s vitality parameters. The system is compatible with a pay-per-use business model.

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Frame & input device

Virtual reality simulators for medical basic and further training.

The challenge

All minimally invasive fields require excellent cognitive and motor skills from doctors, not to mention a high level of medical expertise. Small hospitals in particular provide little opportunity for junior doctors to gain the skills required in preparation for the operating theater.

As a solution to this problem, we were asked to create plug & play training devices that could be rented out to simulate a range of training scenarios. The aim was to make it easier than ever for trainees to gain the skills required for surgery.

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Our services for your success

We’re the perfect partner when you need a comprehensive solution. For many years, we have specialized in supplying complex plants with short lead times. This requires a focused approach to development and planning, a harmonized procurement concept and assembly lines that are customized to suit the product at hand. Whatever you need, you can get it from us.