Machine fleet

Machine fleet

Always at the cutting edge

Our machine fleet is one of the most modern in the industry, enabling us to manufacture precision parts with maximum efficiency. With a production area of 7000 m2, we manufacture CNC turned parts, CNC milled parts, prototypes and other precision parts on request, all to the highest quality standards.

Machine fleet
CNC Machine fleet

CNC lathes

When it comes to CNC turning, we use top of the range machinery, some of which is capable of 24/7 operation thanks to its automation capabilities. These machines offer outstanding precision, performance and reliability. They enable us to manufacture complex workpieces with maximum precision and meet our customers’ requirements in terms of both shape and surface quality. Our highly qualified employees know these machines inside out, and possess all the necessary know-how to bring your ideas to life.

      • 2 to 11-axis lathe-milling centers
      • Automated bar machining for diameters up to 90 mm
      • Chuck machining for diameters up to 150 mm
      • 24/7 operation

CNC milling machines

Our fleet of CNC milling machines includes a wide range of 3 to 5-axis machining centers, some of which are also equipped with a robot and a storage system for 24/7 operation. This combination allows us to manufacture prototypes and series components flexibly, and boosts our productivity and efficiency. These machines open the door to many different machining possibilities, and provide the high level of performance required for complex milling jobs.

      • Automated, high precision, 5-axis machining center with robot and materials storage system, individual component and pallet handling
      • Dimensions (5-axis variant): 300 x 300 x 250 mm
      • Dimensions (3-axis variant): 1200 x 600 x 250 mm
      • 24/7 operation
CNC Machine fleet
CNC Machine fleet

Measurement technology/quality assurance

Our cutting-edge machine fleet includes a wide range of precision measuring equipment to ensure that your products meet the highest of standards in terms of quality. With our 3D coordinate measuring machines, we can measure and check complex geometrical shapes and dimensions with maximum precision. Our roughness measuring device enables us to analyze the surface quality of your components and ensure that they comply with your requirements. We also possess a wide range of optical measuring equipment, projectors and microscopes that we can use to examine microstructures and fine details. Thanks to these advanced measurement tools, we can guarantee comprehensive quality assurance and ensure that your products meet the highest of standards in terms of precision and accuracy.

      • Climate controlled measurement room: +/- 0.4°C over 24 hours
      • 5 3D coordinate measurement machines
      • Roughness measuring devices
      • Optical measuring equipment
      • ISO 9001/2015 certification

Laser marking

Our markings are precise, fast and permanent

      • Marking on any material imaginable
      • QR code and data matrix code marking
      • Serialization
CNC Machine fleet
CNC Machine fleet


We use cutting edge cleaning plants to clean your parts thoroughly. Cleanliness and quality are hugely important to us as a means of ensuring that your parts meet the highest of standards.

      • We clean any material imaginable
      • Cleaning plants: 1 chamber, plants with 3 tanks (washing, 2x rinsing)
      • Coarse and fine grain cleaning
      • Ultrasound cleaning
      • Hot-air drying
      • Vacuum drying

Wire-cut EDM

The wire-cut EDM process can be used to machine all conductive materials with very high thicknesses. Thanks to the thin diameter of our cutting wire, we can achieve extremely low cut widths and very narrow and precise corner radii, even when cutting thick materials. The machined contours have sharp edges and comply with even the most stringent requirements with regard to dimensional tolerances and geometrical accuracy.

CNC Machine fleet