Additive production & 3D prototyping

Additive production & 3D prototyping

Additive production

Additive production technologies (3D printing) are production processes that apply material layer by layer in order to create 3D objects and components. Additive production is another service we offer, alongside more conventional, subtractive processes such as CNC turning and CNC milling. It allows us to produce geometric shapes that are impossible to make using conventional processes, all in a wide range of materials.

The layer-by-layer structure enables us to manufacture highly complex geometrical shapes with minimal material and energy consumption – for everything from prototypes to medium-sized series.

As any expert will tell you, this is what makes additive production technology by far the most important key technology for the future of industrial production, and a key player in the digital industrial revolution. Together with Admantec, a Manser Group company, we manufacture workpieces using additive production techniques:

Everything from a single source

We offer the entire additive production process chain – from product development and (rapid) prototyping to technological consultation and the series production of ready-to-install components and assemblies that meet your expectations in terms of quality and cost.

Additive manufacturing, metal 3D printing

Successful additive production requires in-depth understanding of the product and process development, machinery, tools, equipment, materials development and production, and their applications. The value chain for this technology is extremely multifaceted and covers the following fields:

Technological and process consultation
Process and product development
Additive component manufacturing

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping enables us to physically manufacture prototypes and functional models quickly and efficiently. Our additive production in such scenarios is based on the existing 3D model data. This enables us to spot problems in the geometry while the product is still in the development phase, so we can adapt and improve the functionality and design in good time. This helps to significantly reduce errors during product development.

Additive manufacturing, metal 3D printing

Laser Metal Fusion Technology

At Admantec AG we rely on Trumpf's Laser Metal Fusion technology and the consistent use of the most modern tools, both in development and production. With Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) technology – in German “powder bed-based laser melting” – a workpiece is built up step by step in a powder bed. To do this, a laser melts the metallic powder into material layers at exactly the points specified by the CAD design data of the component. Therefore, the process is often referred to as metal 3D printing or 3D metal printing. The process is ideal for the series production of geometrically complex parts with filigree internal channels and cavities that cannot be produced or can only be produced very little effectively using conventional processes such as turning or milling. Industrial 3D printing creates components that are highly stable and lightweight at the same time. In addition, Laser Metal Fusion is a sustainable manufacturing method because, compared to abrasive processes, there are no chips and therefore little excess material.


Various industrial applications

We focus on the manufacturing industry with a focus on the following sectors:

  • Apparatus and device construction
  • Mechanical engineering and automation technology
  • Tool making
  • Automotive and industry
  • Aerospace
  • Medical technology (Medtech)
  • Energy and turbine
  • Research and institutes
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • related areas