Precision manufacturing

Precision manufacturing

When passion meets precision.

Precision manufacturing has been our key area of expertise for decades. Ever since our company was founded, we have been handling demanding quality requirements and challenging deadlines with aplomb. Our highly qualified personnel use cutting-edge equipment to produce CNC workpieces made of metal, plastics and special materials.


High-tech, 5,400 m² production area

We are constantly investing in our expertise, new machinery, flexible manufacturing processes and automation, driving our development forward every day. This helps us to keep retooling and down-times to a minimum. We consider it our duty to comply with the highest standards for process safety and reliability (e.g. by air-conditioning our buildings, using inline measurement and drawing up all the necessary documentation).

One-off and series production
CNC lathing & CNC milling

We work to the individual requirements of each customer, manufacturing the parts they need using automated one-off or series production processes as appropriate. The MANSER network enables us to cover any out-of-house production requirements, making us the perfect one-stop shop for everything you need. All of our products are delivered ready for use.


We work with a healthy mix of automation tools and well-trained human experts. For example, our robots help to make us faster and more flexible – and they also cut production times when we’re working at high capacity.

Wire cut EDM

The wire-cut EDM process can be used to machine all conductive materials with very high thicknesses. Thanks to the thin diameter of our cutting wire, we can achieve extremely low cut widths and very narrow and precise corner radii, even when cutting thick materials. The machined contours have sharp edges and comply with even the most stringent requirements with regard to dimensional tolerances and geometrical accuracy.

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Laser marking - Our markings are precise, fast and permanent

We can mark components as requested by the customer using the latest laser marking technology. Thanks to the large work area and maneuverable laser, this system can be used to mark large batch sizes or heavy individual parts made from a wide range of materials.

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CAD/CAM programming

Our well-lit and ergonomic office spaces and CAD and CAM workstations help our staff to focus on their work. We want to provide our employees with the perfect conditions for everything they do.

360° panorama


All workpieces ordered from MANSER are delivered to our customers ready for use. Our high-tech cleaning plants use completely desalinated water, so they don’t leave any lime scale on your products. 

Cleaning plant for:

  • Coarse and fine grain cleaning
  • Combination cleaning processes:
    Jet cleaning, immersion/injection flood washing, ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hot-air drying, vacuum drying


All our components and assemblies are packed with our expertise and passion. That is why using the right packaging is so important to us.