We’re adding wire-cut EDM to our range of services

Ultra-fine, complex shapes with maximum precision? No problem!

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We have commissioned our new, top-class, 5-axis EDM machine.

The wire-cut EDM process can be used to machine all conductive materials with very high thicknesses. Thanks to the thin diameter of our cutting wire, we can achieve extremely low cut widths and very narrow and precise corner radii, even when cutting thick materials. The machined contours have sharp edges and comply with even the most stringent requirements with regard to dimensional tolerances and geometrical accuracy.

  • 5-axis wire-cut EDM can be used to create conical cuts of up to 45° at a height of 400 mm
  • Excellent positioning accuracy of ± 2 μm for your work, thanks to optional thermal stabilization
  • Surface roughness of up top Ra 0.08 μm
  • Machining speed up to 20% faster than on comparable predecessor machines thanks to the new Intelligent Power Generator (IPG)
  • Eco-wire mode reduces wire consumption by up to 30 percent
  • Custom measurement cycles can be executed manually or automatically, even on parts with highly unconventional shapes
  • Direct programming based on CAD data
  • Dimensions:
    - Maximum workpiece weight: 1500 kg
    - Maximum workpiece dimensions (front loading): 1000 x 700 x 400 mm
    - Maximum travel distances (X, Y, Z): 550 x 350 x 400 mm