CNC turning at the highest level. Highly efficient, complex and with the best precision

We invest for our customers. Another Index C100 lathe was put into operation.

Manser team reached the excellent 2nd place at the recreational tournament in Oberriet

Congratulations to our team "Di blaue Haudega".

We would like to wish a warm welcome to our new trainees, Jarno Büchel and Saskia Frei

We hope they have a great start – welcome to the team!

Barbecue with broadcast of the European Championship quarter finals Switzerland - Spain, July 2021

After a long break due to Corona we were able to celebrate together again last Friday.

Congratulations to Batuhan Uzun on successfully completing his traineeship (polytechnician).

All the best for the future!

High-precision, flexible and powerful. A machine that could not be better suited to August Manser AG.

We invest for our customers. We were pleased to commission the new CNC 5-axis simultaneous milling machine with fully automatic robot handling system.

Quality assurance at the highest level. Our ambition.

Capacity increase with two new measuring machines.

New conventional lathe for apprentice workshop

The machine gives the apprentices a lot of pleasure.

Career orientation 2020

The career orientation day themed "Begin the adventure of your life", was carried out on 18 November 2020.

Leider müssen wir auf eine Durchführung vom nationalen Zukunftstag verzichten

Nationaler Zukunftstag wurde offiziell abgesagt.