Idea, development, industrialization

Idea, development, industrialization

Let us industrialize your idea

The industrialization phases starts as soon as you begin brainstorming ideas and developing your product. Requirements that will later be applied for series production need to be picked up as early as possible in the development process and incorporated into the final product. Optimization of quantity-appropriate manufacturing processes and a focus on product cost and quality with regard to the optimum time to market are an essential part of this process. Using methods and approaches such as design to cost, design for manufacturing and prototype construction, we will make sure that the transition from development to implementation is smooth and seamless.

Years of experience

Our many years of experience in development, production and assembly make us the perfect partner when it comes to efficiently and effectively industrializing your product ideas.

Comprehensive consultation/assistance/support

We’ll help with everything: from product design, product development and prototype construction to the manufacturing process and the continuous optimization and further development of your product. Whatever your problem, we’ll solve it.

Continuous optimization

Thanks to our process monitoring system, we will be able to provide you with analysis and evaluation of your production results and progress once your product has been industrialized successfully. We consider continuous improvement and optimization to be hugely important – for both your product and the manufacturing process.

Project references

Frame & Input Device

Virtual reality simulator for medical basic and further training.

Mera Q5 – Wellness product

Steel belt linear axis