Employee benefits

Employee benefits

Career Opportunities and Benefits: Adding Value for Our Team Members

At August Manser AG, we place a high value on work-life balance. We understand the importance of aligning work and personal life to promote well-being and satisfaction among our team members. It's only when our employees have a healthy balance between work and leisure that they can unleash their full potential and remain motivated and committed in the long term. We believe that our team is the key to our shared success.

 Our Advantages for Employees


The compatibility of family, leisure, and work is of great importance to us. That’s why we offer flexible working hours and generous vacation policies to help our team members achieve a work-life balance.



      • At least 25 days of vacation
      • Flex-time work model
      • Compensation for extra hours
      • Home office options (depending on the department)
      • Sabbatical opportunities
      • Part-time work options

Our Advantages for Employees


We are convinced that a pleasant working environment not only enhances overall satisfaction and motivation, but also promotes cooperation and the company's success. Therefore, we are continuously committed to ensuring that our team members work in a positive atmosphere and feel part of a comradely team.

      • Employee events
      • Departmental events to promote camaraderie
      • Internal and external training, seminars, and workshops
      • Leadership workshops
      • Casual company culture
      • Family-like work atmosphere
      • Active team encouragement

Our Advantages for Employees


We are aware that our team members are the key to our success and want to express our appreciation in various forms.

      • Loyalty bonus (service milestone gifts)
      • Wedding, birth, and retirement gifts
      • Bonuses for employee referrals

Our Advantages for Employees


You'll find a multitude of exciting career opportunities with us, allowing you to pursue various career paths within our company.

      • Support for education and training
      • Internal development and career opportunities
      • A wide range of different professions

Our Advantages for Employees


We utilize state-of-the-art workspaces and the latest technologies tailored to the individual needs of our team members. We know that an inspiring and comfortable work environment significantly contributes to motivation and productivity.

      • Bright, modern, and ergonomic workspaces
      • Showers
      • Innovative and current technologies
      • Break rooms with lounge areas

Our Advantages for Employees


With our catering offerings, we aim to ensure that our team members are well provided for during work hours and feel completely comfortable.

      • Complimentary snacks (fresh apples)
      • Lunch options
      • Free access to water stations
      • Morning snack on the three major Altstätter market days
      • We cover a portion of the costs for the beverage vending machines.

    Our Advantages for Employees


We know it's important that our team members benefit from special advantages not just at work, but in everyday life too. Hence, we offer a range of exclusive discounts and added values.

      • Discount on gym memberships
      • Shopping discounts from well-known manufacturers and
      • brands AMAG fleet discount

Our Advantages for Employees


Our team members benefit from comprehensive mobility options. We ensure that our team members can be flexible and cost-effective in their mobility.

      • Free parking spaces
      • Contribution to public transport (Ostwind subscription)

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