A conscientious approach to interaction with the environment and the local community

We are always thinking of the next generation. Here at MANSER, we make great efforts to treat our surroundings with respect and save on resources: A large portion of our total energy requirement is provided by a 300-kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of our building.

We are always thinking of the next generation.

We re-use water and employ intermediate cleaning to keep the amount of wastewater we produce to a minimum. The excess heat produced during our production processes is recovered efficiently, and our production hall is fitted with large, high-tech air filtration systems to keep the air pure and healthy to breathe. Our efficient heat recovery system saves on resources and generates the perfect climate in our buildings.

Whether it’s wastewater, leftover materials or trash, all of our divisions handle every material with care, adopting a sustainable, environmentally conscious approach.

The cooling lubricant preparation plant on our ground floor is a central system that prepares the refrigerant for all our machine tools. This offers a significant advantages: It makes the disposal interval much longer, and thus also has a positive effect on the quality of the parts we produce. Good materials usage and recycling are important to us. They are an integral part of our material lifecycle, and thus play a key role in our sustainable attitude toward resources and the environment.