Job description

Production mechanic (Swiss Federal Proficiency Certificate)
at August Manser AG

Production mechanics are skilled in metalwork techniques such as drilling, turning and milling, and use these skills to produce high-tech workpieces. You will manufacture series parts using computer-assisted machinery, monitor the production process, step in when necessary to make adjustments, and test the finished parts using the latest measuring equipment. You must be able to prepare and operate the work materials needed for your jobs without assistance, ensuring that your work is exact and of the high quality required.

Personal requirements

  • Interest in technical contexts
  • Manual skills
  • Good visualization ability
  • Joy in manual and machine work
  • Accurate, thorough approach to work
  • Reliability and ability to work in a team

Educational requirements

  • Basic or intermediate level of obligatory secondary school (Stellwerkcheck [= Swiss assessment system for career choice])

Practical training basis: 1st and 2nd year of apprenticeship

  • Manual production technology
  • Measurement techniques
  • CNC production to specifications
  • Cross-company courses
  • Interim examination

Focus: 3rd year of apprenticeship

  • Gathering more in-depth knowledge
  • 1 competence
  • Operating CNC machinery to specification
  • Practical examination

Theoretical training

  • 1 day of school per week

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