Mechanical & mechatronic assemblies and systems

Mechanical & mechatronic assemblies and systems

Large or small – we make it possible.

Assembly is much more than simply putting together individual parts. The units and systems are constructed painstakingly, using highly standardized processes that include a wide range of quality assurance steps. We use a combination of series and one-piece-flow assembly techniques to keep lead times down and cut your costs. It doesn’t matter whether the assembly in question is large or small.

Mechanical & mechatronic assemblies and system


Our dedicated assembly team works on high-quality functional units across an area of over 4,500 m². We stock individual components as necessary in order to allow us to respond flexibly to our customers’ wishes.

We are used to customers with complex requirements, and always come up with special ideas and professional solutions to help them. Precision mechanical assemblies have always had an important role to play in our holistic approach to problem solving. In order to make our end products even more efficient, we look at every detail, optimizing assembly steps and developing individual components further to produce the perfect solution.

ESD assembly workstations

The bases and equipment fulfill the strict requirements for ESD conformity. This enables us to prevent electrostatic discharge and assemble your module to professional standards.

Lean-management-compliant workstations
Ergonomic and optimized patterns of movement
Professional assembly incl. final inspection and functional tests


All workpieces ordered from MANSER are delivered to our customers ready for use. Our high-tech cleaning plants use completely desalinated water, so they don’t leave any lime scale on your products. 

Cleaning plant for:

  • Coarse and fine grain cleaning
  • Combination cleaning processes:
    Jet cleaning, immersion/injection flood washing, ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hot-air drying, vacuum drying


All our components and assemblies are packed with our expertise and passion. That is why using the right packaging is so important to us.

Quality control

Thanks to our highly qualified staff, top-performance technical equipment and Quality Class 1 measurement area (standard: VDI/VDE 2627-1), we are able to guarantee the highest quality standards at all times. We also continuously monitor and record all the relevant data. 

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MANSER supply chain management

Focused development and planning combined with a well-thought-out procurement concept and assembly lines customized for specific products – these are the essential components that allow us to optimize our resources and costs effectively.

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Steel belt drive

The precise, zero-play, quiet, zero-friction steel belt drive by August Manser AG:

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